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Apps have quickly become "portable web sites". They give your business visibility that extends beyond the Internet and literally into your customers’ pockets and purses. Your customers don’t have to log into their computers and search the Internet to find you. With an App, they’ll have all your information in – literally– the palm of their hand.

Apps from include features, such as one-touch calling, street directions to your business, inventory searches, appointment requests, and more. In fact, Apps from are the most feature-rich – and affordable – mobile Apps in the market today.

That's why leads the App market for businesses with 600+ in Apple's iTunes/Android Market App stores today.

Apps keep your clients in-the-loop with instant notifications of sales, new arrivals and events. Send coupons with four-color graphics and save money on expensive mailings.

Why Do I Have To Create An iOS Developer Account?

Apple recently notified us of a policy change and is now requiring a unique iOS Developer Account for each individual or organization submitting apps to the App Store. Because of this, we will no longer be able to administer our clients' apps through the Developer Account. Each customer must set up an iOS Developer Account, with a $99 annual fee paid directly to Apple. This change requires extra steps and additional work for our team to process, submit and update your app. We are absorbing this extra work and associated cost, and have elected not to pass on any of the cost to our customers. Our fees are not changing.

The good news is that creating an iOS Developer Account will allow all customers to charge for their iPhone apps if they so choose. You will have access to Apple's app download information and analytics. Additionally, your organization/business name will be displayed in the App Store, rather than Development.

How Do I Set Up My iOS Developer Account?

To set up your iOS Developer Account: First, you should register as an Apple Developer on Apple's website ( ) and fill out all necessary information about your company or organization. Then, send your username and password to [email protected] We will only access your account to upload your app. Once we've uploaded your app, you can change your password in order to ensure the security of your account.

Click here for a Step By Step Guide to create an Apple Developer Account

Do I Have To Create An Android Developer Account?

No. Currently, Google does not require that each Android app be uploaded under a client's Developer Account. If you want to charge for your app, or want only your organization name to be displayed on the Android Market, you will need to register for an Android Developer Account here. Please contact us if you need any help setting up your account.

How long does it take until my App is available for download?

After you submit your content we’ll build your App during the next working day and submit it to the app store. We have no control over Apple’s approval process - the average approval time takes about a week.

What if I want to stop the subscription? Is there a contract?

There is no contracts. Just log into your account and click delete to cancel your subscription. This will remove your app from the app store.

How do I add additional functionality to the App?

Simply log into App Builder Online and click "edit" for the app you have selected. Now click on "Tab". You have the ability to add the following tabs: HTML, RSS, Photo Album from Flickr, Message Tab, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, External Webpage / Link, and Listings.

How do I update my App in the App store?

You can update an App at any time by logging into After the change has been made, it can take 24 to 48 hrs for the change to be resubmitted to the app store. Simply click refresh to view the new changes in the app.

Search for the Mobile Application Design that fits your needs

First, search or browse through the application categories to find the template that best suits your purpose. Next, watch the sample movie and decide on the type of content you want to generate and upload. Last, select the desired Mobile Application take it out and add it to your shopping cart to complete your purchase.

Upload your content

To upload your content, go to "My Account," select "Application," and follow the instructions provided by the content-submitting wizard. Once you have submitted all your content successfully, click "Approve." At this point, your work is done!

What's next?

Your customized application will be built, compiled, inspected, and submitted to the App Store by or the developer who created your mobile application. You will be notified once the application is posted to the Mobile App Store. At this stage, your application must be inspected and approved by the App Store, whose schedule will determine the length of time required for this process. You will receive notification once the application is available to the public. Please follow the App Store directions, explaining how to promote your App (Links).

Prepare & Submit your content

You need to generate content that represents your business. After purchasing a mobile application, go to "My Apps" > and select "Submit content" for the desired template. Follow the instructions provided by the content-submitting wizard.