How do I set up an Apple Developer Account?

The process is extremely simple. Below is a step by step guide of how to register as a developer and sign up for the Developer Program.

Here is a direct link to the IOS Developer program:

If you'd like to contact Apple directly, their phone # is (800) 633-2152

iOS Developer Guide

To publish an iOS App using the Apps platform, you have to first register as an Apple Developer and then pay to join Apple's Developer Program. Joining the Developer Program enables you to publish Apps to Apple's App Store.

Step 1

Go to: then click "Register" in the top right hand corner.

Step 2

Click on "Enroll Now".

Step 3

Click "Continue"

Step 4

Select option to create new account under New Apple Developer and on the following screen choose to sign up as an individual.

Step 5

Complete the personal profile information then When completing the Apple ID personal profile, please remember that you will need to provide these details to Apps upon successful sign up. Therefore please do not use a password that you use elsewhere.

Step 6

In the professional profile choose iOS> Choose your primary market> New> No other platforms then "Continue".

Step 7

Check the box to agree to the Developer Agreement and click "I Agree".

Step 8

An email will be sent to the signup email address with a code to verify.

Step 9

Once the code is verified there will be a confirmation screen. Following this will be a screen to setup billing information.

Step 10

Select iOS Developer Program then "Continue"

Step 11

Review all information then "Continue"

Step 12

Confirm purchase of one iOS Developer Program then proceed to checkout.

Step 13

When signing up for multiple accounts you will probably have to login again with each new account to proceed.

Step 14

Complete delivery information (this is digital but Apple still requires for tax).

Step 15

Complete credit card and billing information then "Continue"

Step 16

On the following screen confirm all information then click "Place order now"

Step 17

Please pass the email address and password used in this process to Apps, so that we can correctly configure your account.